Experience The Ultimate Lava Bath

Detricks Car Wash offers 5 affordable car washing options at four convenient locations. Interested in unlimited monthly washes? Check out our Unlimited Wash Club!

Single Wash
  • All Of Lava Shield
  • All Of Wax & Shine
Single Wash
  • Lava Bath
  • Lava Shine
  • Waterfall Rinse & Clean
  • Lava Seal
Single Wash
  • Shine & Protect
  • Hot Wax & Shine
  • Underbody Rinse
  • Bug Prep
Single Wash
  • Tire Shine
  • Rain Repellent
  • Triple Conditioner
  • Rim Clean

The Pollen Remover

Detrick's Car Wash


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4 Great Locations

Detricks Car Wash offers it’s customers four convenient locations with amazing service.

Corporate Fleet Accounts

Detricks Car Wash offers discounts on Fleet accounts. The more vehicles, the better. Reach out to us at (843) 357-WASH and let’s get you a price!